Betsy DeVos is a Political Tigress Hiding behind a Veneer of Public Politeness

Although Betsy DeVos was recently pitted against a class of Trump’s administrative operatives, nothing in her public demeanor could remotely suggest her ego was bruised after the president overturned a policy by the federal government regarding the use of bathrooms by transgender students. The policy, if carried through, would have permitted the students to use of bathing rooms matching identities of their gender.


Inside sources close to the Education Secretary revealed that during the Wednesday meeting, she opposed the move, and when she met with a representative of the transgender and gay employees in her department, she warned of bad tidings. That she had been short-changed or that the meeting ended in acrimony with her on the wrong side of the fence was a fact that was not immediately apparent, Thursday when the new policy was announced.


However, she compared the initial guidelines by the federal government to the administrative excesses of Obama’s tenure. This was during her address to the annual caucus of the Conservative Political Action Conference.


Through the years, Ms. DeVos has been a staunch advocate of school vouchers and charter schools. And apart from being a key donor to the Republican Party, she was formerly the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. For that matter, those who have associated with her over the years warn that the stance she has taken will not be a walk-over tournament. Her public meekness now might as well be a precursor for a tenacious fight and a virulent political storm to come later.


Ms.DeVos is no stranger to controversy and political fights. In Michigan politics, she is known to relentlessly reward or punish those who support or oppose her legislative agenda in equal measure. A former attorney general, Mike Cox, described her as steely and determined as a native Indian on the warpath. She is unstoppable, backed by her family fortune when she sets her mind on a course of action.


Born and brought up in the opulent circumstances of the Prince family in Michigan, educated in expensive private schools, and married to an equally or more wealthier Dick DeVos of the Amway Corporation, the Educations Secretary passionately supports religious schools. Many people who oppose her construe this to be a lack of interest in public schools, a fact that she vehemently denies.


Whereas she is generous, open-spoken, and personable, DeVos might be dangerously relentless in a course she wishes to see her way.


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Boraie Development Has new Project in Atlantic City

Boraie Development is a popular real estate firm that is based in New Jersey. The organization was founded several years ago by a prominent businessman. With the help of the founder, the organization has done very well, and it has been recognized in several platforms due to the changes it has made to the society. The founder of the institution is highly experienced, and with his help, the company has become very successful. Boraie Development has been responsible for the transformation that has taken place in New Jersey and other parts of the country. The experts who are working at the company are trained and experienced, and they have been instrumental in the success of the real estate company.

According to NY Times, after serving in the American market for a while, Boraie Development realized that the consumers, especially those based in Atlantic City lacked good and modern housing. Based on the vice president of Boraie Development, the real estate firm chose to take on the responsibility of changing this city. Boraie has enough experts who have worked in the complicated market for a long time, and they understand what the modern consumer is interested in. The company decided to construct one of the best apartments that have ever been built in the city.

Boraie Development has worked so hard to construct an apartment complex. According to the company management, there are more than 250 units in the facility. The new complex is unique compared to all the other buildings in the area. The engineers in charge of the organization did their research well before they could start the complex, making sure that it met the needs of the customers. The units have several amenities that will attract people from all parts of the city. According to the Boraie Development, the individuals who will choose to stay in the modern units will have access to a modern gym, swimming pool, playground for young children and great parking. Check out press of atlantic city for more.

The numerous modern amenities will attract consumers from all parts of the country. Boraie Development is very excited about the new complex, and they are very proud to have taken part in the construction. The vice president of the firm says that he is looking forward to making more changes in the city in the future. People who have come across the apartment say that it meets all the standards of a modern project. You can search on Yahoo for more.

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Daniel Taub Successful Career

Daniel Taub is believed to be a household name in the United Kingdom and Israel. The successful and experienced lawyer has become famous because of the magnificent role he has played as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. While serving in the prestigious office, Daniel Taub is believed to have been the force that led to the great cooperation that is available between the two countries. Taub was appointed to the high position in 2011. After being in this post for more than four years, Daniel Taub has decided to resign.


Taub is a highly experienced professional who is trained in international law. Apart from his legal knowledge, Daniel Taub has expertise in counterterrorism activities and war. Taub’s knowledge in these areas has earned him the respect of many people in the international community. He has also been given numerous awards due to these achievements. Daniel has also represented his country in several platforms due to his expertise.


Daniel Taub loves his country. For many years now, he has never shied away from representing his nation. Israel has appointed him to some top positions in leadership and diplomatic missions, and the businessman has always done his best to safeguard the country’s reputation. At one time, Taub was working as the legal advisor on behalf of the foreign affairs ministry for his country’s mission in New York City and Geneva.


Although Daniel Taub has emerged to be very successful in the recent times, he started off his career just like everyone else. Taub was born in the UK. His parents were living in the country, and this gave the businessman chance to spend his early life in England. In 1989, Taub felt that it was time to relocate and settle in Israel. Ever since he settled in the country, the businessman has remained vocal, especially to the matters concerning state affairs in the Middle East. The businessman has been instrumental in maintaining the peaceful coexistence of the communities in the region. While serving as an ambassador in UK, Daniel Taub showed the world the importance of maintaining peaceful relationship between countries. Learn more:


Becoming a leader is not a walk in the park. However, Daniel Taub has proven that he has all the skills needed to show others the correct path to follow. Although he is believed to be a workaholic, the businessman loves to spend time with his business associates so that he can understand what is happening around him.




Securus Technologies Boosts Correctional Institution Security with its Wireless Containment Systems

A primary security issue a local, state, and federal correctional facilities in the United States centers on the illegal use of cellphones by inmates. Each and every day, in institutions across the United States, inmates are able to smuggle cellphones into institutions. This oftentimes is accomplished through the institutional visitation process.


The story of Florida correctional officer Robert Johnson underscores the seriousness of illegal cellphones in penal institutions. Johnson was employed at a correctional facility in the Sunshine State when he discovered a box containing contraband intended for the inmate population. His efforts prevented what amounted to about $50,000 worth of contraband from being introduced into the correctional facility.


When this occurred, and in its immediate aftermath, Johnson was unaware that the inmate behind the smuggling operation already had managed to get a cellphone into the facility. Armed with the mobile device, the inmate was able to take action to retaliate against Johnson from blocking the introduction of the contraband into the correctional facility.


The inmate telephoned a colleague outside of the institution. Through a phone call, the inmate ordered a hit on correctional officer Johnson. The associate in the “real world” was ready, will, and able to carry out the hit.


Johnson was preparing for work one morning when the inmate’s associated broke down the correctional officer’s front door. The would be assassin entered the home, opened fire on Johnson. Johnson was shot multiple times and nearly lost his life.


Following the shooting incident, Johnson has devoted his time and energy to telling his story. He is intent on making certain that all correctional institutions in the United States implement effective solutions to eradicate and keep cellphones from the hands of incarcerated offenders.


Securus Technologies has developed an important technology designed to combat the presence of illegal cellphones in correctional institutions. Securus Technologies is a Dallas based company that currently services over 3,400 correction as well as law enforcement agencies in North America. Its reach includes over 1.2 million inmates.


Securus Technologies has created the Wireless Containment Systems, or WCS. WCS is designed to prevent the introduction of cellphones into correctional institutions. It is also designed to eliminate those cellphones that have made it into a facility.


In implanting its WCS, Securus Technologies has kept track of the incidence of illegal phone calls at eight correctional facilities in North America. Based on its own efforts, Securus Technologies has prevented 1.7 million illegal inmate communications at these eight correctional institutions over the course of a one year time period. Understanding that there are thousands of different types of correctional facilities in the United States alone, the problem of illegal inmate communications truly can be classified fairly as being severe and dangerous.

Brazilian Economic Outlook Likely To Favor Banco Bradesco’s Growth

Certain traits make an individual the ideal president of an organization. The president not only deals with the day-to-day operations of an organization, he/she is also expected to maintain a long-term approach targeted at safeguarding stability and profitability. Additionally, the position demands that one think outside the box and remain calm under pressure. Owing to this unique and stringent combination of traits, very few employees successfully transition to the position of president at their organizations. However, one individual that has served as a long-term employee and gone on to become a competent president is Luiz Carlos Trabuco – the man currently at the helm of Bradesco.

Bradesco employed Luiz Carlos as a clerk while he was still a teenager in 1969. However, being a fast learner, he did not serve in the entry position for too long. Less than two years later, Trabuco was promoted to a position at the bank headquarters in Sao Paulo. By 1999, aged only 47, Trabuco was already being considered for the position of bank president. The Bradesco board, however, chose to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s eventual predecessor, Marcio Cypriano. After missing out on the post of the bank president, he was elected to deputize the vice president of the bank’s insurance subsidiary, Bradesco Seguros. Four years later, Mr. Trabuco was promoted to head the insurance company. In the six-year period that he led the subsidiary, he grew it to become the largest insurance company in the country. With his star continuously rising at Bradesco Seguros, the bank’s board quickly settled on him to take over as bank president from a retiring Marcio Cypriano in 2009. His has diligently served in the position since.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s influence at Bradesco will likely increase in the coming years as the Brazilian economy begins to improve. While his tenure thus far as bank president has been highly successful, it was still significantly held back by a struggling Brazilian economy. The economy first experienced economic jitters in 2009 and before it could comprehensively recover it fell into a depression in 2015. As such, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has mostly had to rely on a combination of innovation and shrewdness to safeguard the large lender’s margins. However, now that the Brazilian economy is expected to fare slightly better in the next few years, he will have the conducive environment he has always craved to take Bradesco to the next level.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will particularly be eager to make Bradesco the top private lender in the country again. For more than five decades, the bank was undoubtedly the largest among private banks in the country. Unfortunately, however, that all changed three months before Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed office as Bradesco president owing to the high-stakes merger between Banco Itau and Unibanco. The financial giant created as a result of the union, Itau Unibanco easily unseated Bradesco as the leading private lender according to Consequently, after assuming the bank’s presidency, Luiz Carlos Trabuco immediately sought to restore Bradesco’s pride by reclaiming the spot. Close to nine years later, Bradesco is now within touching distance of Itau Unibanco thanks to the 2015 acquisition of HSBC.

The HSBC purchase, valued at approximately $5 billion, is the largest ever acquisition completed by Bradesco in its seven-decade history. The deal that was almost-entirely engineered by Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew Bradesco’s value into the hundreds of billions and pushed its branch network to well over 5,500 offices. Since the acquisition was completed in a year of economic recession, it attracted the attention of many in Brazil’s financial industry. Unsurprisingly also, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was that year’s recipient of the entrepreneur of the year award in the finance category.

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