Ara Chackerian: Medical Business Mogul

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to TMS Health Solutions, a newly established medical and technological company which focuses on providing people with treatments for their psychological disorders, including depression. TMS Health Solutions was established by Ara Chackerian, a business-minded individual who wanted to take advantage of the high profit yielding industry of medicine and healthcare. Ara Chackerian has successfully introduced the transcranial magnetic simulation technology to the public, and scientists have backed his claims that it can treat psychological disorders and depression. Ara Chackerian stated that the reason behind the foundation of the company is because he wanted to see a drop in the rate of suicides in the United States.

Before establishing the company, Ara Chackerian is known for setting up different startups around the San Francisco Bay Area. One day, his friend told him that the medical industry could yield a lot of profit if managed carefully. Ara decided to research what product can be effectively sold to the market, and he came up with the idea of establishing the TMS Health Solutions after he discovered the advantages of transcranial magnetic simulation technology in treating psychological disorders. He knew that a lot of people are suffering from the disorder, and he wanted to treat them from the disease. Ara Chackerian has been collaborating with other scientists on how to improve the treatment. You can visit Medium for more.

After he finalized all the requirements to start the business, Ara Chackerian introduced the company to the public, hoping that it would be a hit. After the first patients who have tried out his treatment ended up well, many people started flocking into his company seeking treatment. They managed to try out the transcranial magnetic simulation technology, and through the electromagnetic waves that are being pulsated into the brain, many of the patients felt well. The potential of TMS Health Solutions to be the next big thing in the United States resulted in a lot of invitation offered to Ara to become either a managing director or a consultant. Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area started to offer him the position, knowing that he will be able to handle it well.

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