Rocketship Education Never Fell Off, Even Though Haters Feel like it.

Almost exactly two years ago, NPR – National Public Radio – published an article about Rocketship Education, one of the United States’ hottest networks of charter schools. Rather than praising each of its locations’ high test scores despite being located in low-income areas notorious for having traditionally low standardized test marks, harboring “safe zones” for children to be dropped off where parents could not be arrested for being illegal immigrants, and using some of public education’s hottest new learning software so effectively that the network of charter schools nearly tops the charts respecting how much utility students derive from such technology.

To address falsities potentially spreading around the World Wide Web about Rocketship Education, here are a few points that should be covered in reference to the slam piece published on June 24, 2016, and titled “High Test Scores – But At What Cost?”

Charter schools do well – and they do well for a good reason

Charter schools are primary and secondary schools that are funded by public money. Further, rather than being founded by governments and bureaus such as local, county-wide, and regional boards of education, charter schools are created by teachers, parents, and plain-Jane members of nearby communities.

Public schools are an important part of life in developed nations. However, public primary and secondary institutions typically fail to put out the same quality end-of-year standardized test scores and students as their charter and private counterparts do. That’s why so many parents want to enroll their children at charter schools – because they tend to learn more than at any other institution they could attend.

Rocketship Education and other charter schools do so well because of the tight policies and procedures they almost always have. To say that Rocketship Education is too strict is unfair to all other charter schools in the nation.

Rocketship is a leader in the hottest tech

Rocketship Education, founded a decade ago by Preston Smith and John Danner, consistently brings the hottest technology to its classrooms; and not just the hottest tech, but the most effective.

Danner had always been a techie and was happy to put his passion to the test at Rocketship Education.

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