James Dondero of Dallas Texas

With a Bachelor of Science degree for both accounting and finances from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, it did not take James Dondero long to land himself a successful position in the world of finance. Mr. Dondero found himself stepping into a job with JP Morgan Chase & Co where his work with their financial training program moved him to his dream position with American Express. James Dondero’s responsibility to American Express was to manage one billion dollars in fixed income funds, which he did successfully until transitioning to his position of Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary in 1989. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero decided in 1993 that it was time to build his investment firm, and created Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero’s firm holds their focus mainly on private equity accounts, various credit accounts, and more. James also sets aside three million dollars a year for Highland Capital Management to donate money to various philanthropic ventures. Through his success in the industry of finance, James came to know a few vital peers, such as Mary Jalonick, President, and CEO of The Dallas Foundation. The two philanthropists joined forces to assemble the Highland Dallas Foundation, an organization that keeps an eye out for non-profit establishments in Dallas and Northern Texas. One of the most recent examples of his more recent generosity is the one million dollar donation that James Dondero gifted to the Dallas Zoo for the reopening of their hippopotamus habitat. Back in 2001, the Dallas Zoo’s management team decided to close the habitat after their beloved hippo, Papa, died of old age. An outpouring of requests has flooded to the Zoo from visitors pleading with the park to please bring back the beloved animals.

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Now, after nearly two decades of waiting, the Dallas Zoo has recently reopened their two-acre hippopotamus habitat known as the Outpost. The Outpost also features the Highland Capital Lodge, a facility that overlooks the hippopotamus exhibit that guests can rent for a special occasion. Without the generosity of James Dondero and all other donations to the zoo, the hippo’s that reside in the zoo now might have never had a chance. Follow James on Linkedin.

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