Rick Cofer is Dedicated to the Vulnerable

Rick Cofer, criminal defense attorney in Austin, is a man very focused on the needs of the vulnerable communities in his city. He is commited to advancing the opportunities for those who live in the greater Austin area. His law office is a sponsor of the Kind Clinic which works to protect and further the care of the LGBTQ community. In 2018 the Law Office of Rick Cofer Law together with Kind put on a Halloween Ball to raise money for the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ segment of Austin. The Fantasy Ball was one way of showing inclusion and acceptance of this community, thus making people feel more comfortable about speaking up for their needs in healthcare settings and therefore making better treatment for sex-related illnesses more accessible.

According to medicaldailytimes, Austin is known as an open-minded city, accepting of diversity, and those who identify as LGBTQ find it a popular place to live. One might assume that because this minority feels comfortable in many ways in Austin that safety and wellbeing will come along with acceptance. But the truth is that homelessness, safety concerns and food scarcity are problems that widely exist, and funding is necessary to address these issues.

Rick Cofer is a man who has always believed that the best way to improve circumstances for the vulnerable as well as to defend his clients is to see people as individuals and to customize help accordingly. Toughness is not a method he uses, but rather it is empathy and understanding and reason which are the tools he chooses. This translates to more treatments being available for the LGBTQ community, geared to their specific needs.

The Kind Clinic provides health care, emphasizing sexual health. Many of the LGBTQ community have not been telling doctors critical information, because they fear discrimination, and yet their health needs are often specific, and all necessary information should be known by the doctors treating a patient. Kind grew out of the idea that there was an urgent need for serving these specific health and sexuality needs. Rick Cofer’s support of the Kind Clinic has helped update care for the LGBTQ community in significant ways. To know more about Rick Cofer visit inspirery.com

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