Steve Lesnard Explains How To Best Market A New Product

Marketing whiz Steve Lesnard had some advice for his fellow marketing executives in an online article he wrote. He said that all of the new digital and social mediums have completely changed how products are marketed to consumers. He said that a successfully introduced product clearly shows people what benefits the product has. The marketing concisely explains how it adds actual value to someone’s life.

He said there are two main principles with the first one being a simple ad makes a new product memorable. Steve Lesnard stated that the best way to introduce a product to people is to clearly explain how it benefits a consumer to own it. The marketing outlines what is new and better about the produce. He acknowledges this isn’t easy to do and makes a marketing team focus on the products most innovative features. Sometime they’ll have to choose between features so that things don’t get complicated.

He brings up Apple’s well-known iPod marketing slogan which was “10k songs in your pocket”. In just five words they explained what was revolutionary about this product and why people should buy it. Everyone else in the tech industry was racing for technical supremacy while Apple instead chose simplicity and emotion. It’s why they won, he said.

The other principle Steve Lesnard communicated was that to bring a product to life for consumers you need to make it real. As a marketer, you want to let people know how it looks on them and what it does. You want to present this idea in a way that cuts through the clutter of advertising.

He says videos are a great way to make new products real for consumers. He brings up having consumer testimonials and showing what the best features are of your new product. He used Yeti as an example. They just make ice coolers but Yeti showed how theirs is premium by using product ambassadors to show it off. This brought life to their products and how they help people either keep things cool or hotter when enjoying the great outdoors.

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