Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pizzo Leads Watford to the League

Gino Pizzo was born and raised from a family of football fans. The football gene made the family to purchase Udinese club in 1986 in their hometown in Italy. He gathered profit from the tool making business. The family was a woodworking lot for many years. The family, therefore, switched to football and inculcated it in their blood. Gino was born and raised in this family in Italy. When he was 18 years, he went to study his masters at Harvard University in the United States. While at the university, he met and married a Catalan woman. He switched to Spain and stayed there for 20 years. The couple gave birth to three children. In 2013, he decided to go to London and supervise the management of his newly acquired football club, Watford.

Watford was struggling to climb the ladder of the fourth division before it was rescued by this wealthy family. Under his management, the club has risen to the fourth division. It is thriving in the English premier league. He told the journalist that he took the Watford club as the top of his project and that is why it has improved drastically.

Recently, the family decided to sell the largest shares in Granda F.C to the owner of Link International Sports, Lizhang. He said that he wanted to concentrate on the management of Udinese. His family has held the history of owning several clubs in different countries at the same time. He advises the other owners or anyone who needs owning a football club to focus on the long term performance of a team. He prides to see Watford thrive in the English Premier league. He adds that you have to remain dynamics and move with the current trends to avoid remaining obsolete.


Article Title: Steve Ritchie Is Building A Brand New Papa John’s Company

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Papa John’s may be overcoming recent criticisms and turning around sales in a big way with a new member coming to their executive board. That new member is former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, a man who has already gotten involved in other business opportunities since retiring from basketball and gotten involved in branding. Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s has been happy to welcome O’Neal to the board and believes he will “Shaqify the menu” in the way he will provide input and potentially rebrand the company. O’Neal said he wanted to come to the company because he called it fun to be in the pizza business. Papa John’s and other business in news outlets see this move as really adding diversity to the corporate management of the company, and O’Neal will be getting a salary of $8.25 million for three years.

What makes Papa John’s a unique pizza place? Instead of having pre-made artificial ingredients, their pizzas are true hand tossed and fresh ingredient pizzas that are designed to appeal to customers with different tastes who want fine quality in pizza. Steve Ritchie has been a part of this organization for many years and has understood very well what kind of culture should be implemented all the way from the local stores to the corporate boards. Ritchie himself started as just a regular customer service representative at a local store who took orders and had them delivered while only making minimum wage. He had a passion for doing the job right and he went from being a salesperson to being a local franchise manager.

Steve Ritchie not only successfully ran a local store, but in 2010 he started going into corporate operations and became chief operating officer in 2014. A decision was made in 2018 to make Ritchie CEO amidst a decline in sales, but thus far he has started implementing some changes to the company mission that have started turning things around. Along with bringing Shaquille O’Neal to the executive board, Ritchie has also led other business deals that include a $200 million investment from Starboard that has given the company new working capital.

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Rick Cofer is Dedicated to the Vulnerable

Rick Cofer, criminal defense attorney in Austin, is a man very focused on the needs of the vulnerable communities in his city. He is commited to advancing the opportunities for those who live in the greater Austin area. His law office is a sponsor of the Kind Clinic which works to protect and further the care of the LGBTQ community. In 2018 the Law Office of Rick Cofer Law together with Kind put on a Halloween Ball to raise money for the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ segment of Austin. The Fantasy Ball was one way of showing inclusion and acceptance of this community, thus making people feel more comfortable about speaking up for their needs in healthcare settings and therefore making better treatment for sex-related illnesses more accessible.

According to medicaldailytimes, Austin is known as an open-minded city, accepting of diversity, and those who identify as LGBTQ find it a popular place to live. One might assume that because this minority feels comfortable in many ways in Austin that safety and wellbeing will come along with acceptance. But the truth is that homelessness, safety concerns and food scarcity are problems that widely exist, and funding is necessary to address these issues.

Rick Cofer is a man who has always believed that the best way to improve circumstances for the vulnerable as well as to defend his clients is to see people as individuals and to customize help accordingly. Toughness is not a method he uses, but rather it is empathy and understanding and reason which are the tools he chooses. This translates to more treatments being available for the LGBTQ community, geared to their specific needs.

The Kind Clinic provides health care, emphasizing sexual health. Many of the LGBTQ community have not been telling doctors critical information, because they fear discrimination, and yet their health needs are often specific, and all necessary information should be known by the doctors treating a patient. Kind grew out of the idea that there was an urgent need for serving these specific health and sexuality needs. Rick Cofer’s support of the Kind Clinic has helped update care for the LGBTQ community in significant ways. To know more about Rick Cofer visit

Heather Parry: Producing Successful Media Outlets and Programming for Individuals

Heather Parry answers production phone calls for the advancement of her media outlet company. When a grip attendant works with mountain ranges, they must ensure staff have signed personal waivers. When the grip attendant is climbing a mountain, they may use a grip holder. When the grip attendant is using a grip holder, they may need to fasten their body cords to the main unit. When the grip attendant begins to lose balance while on the mountain trail, they may fall and become injured. When the grip attendant applies sand and chalk to their hands prior to climbing, they can receive a better grip. When a grip attendant uses chalk, the chalk hardens on their hand. When the grip attendant does not use chalk, they can slip very easily.

Heather Parry

When the grip attendant uses chalk and a unit cord, they are unlikely to fall. When the grip attendant uses white and pink chalk, they will not slip. When the grip attendant uses blue and red chalk only, they may slip. The grip attendant can access the correct colors for climbing. When the grip attendant accesses the correct colors for climbing, they can assist other climbers as well. When the grip attendant assists other climbers, they can enjoy their appeal. When the grip attendant does not assist other climbers, they may slip on the ninth rock. When the grip attendant notices a fellow climber slipping, he should help.

When the grip attendant is crossing rock number nine, he should be extremely gentle in his approach. When the grip attendant has passed rock number nine, he can slowly reengage the traction. When the grip attendant has not passed rock number nine, he cannot slowly reengage until the pass is over. Once the pass is over, the grip attendant can continue.

The Passion of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Plastic surgery brings in billions on an annual basis. Whether you need these services because you’ve been physically scarred, or you prefer to have these services to enhance your look, plastic surgery can help you meet your goal. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., has been a gamechanger in this exclusive field because he has brought so much to the table. This man is more than just a plastic surgeon, he is known as a revolutionary as well as a spokesperson because he’s passionate about his craft. Safety has always been an issue with every type of surgical procedure. As the demand for plastic surgery goes up, the rise of complications can also increase. Staying on top of these issues will produce the best possible work, and staying on top of the issues will save lives.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is now a member of the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, which is made-up of numerous plastic surgeons. These plastic surgeons are also board-certified. By combining each member’s knowledge of the subject, this task force can incorporate better solutions for keeping their patients safe. The idea is rather brilliant, and it will certainly pay-off in the end. The Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force collaborates with the American Society of Plastic Surgery. This task force also works closely with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. All of the necessary guidelines have been met. The Brazilian butt lift is very popular among women, but it can come with complications such as fat embolisms. Dr. Jejurikar attends meetings and conferences around the globe while discussing these issues.

“With more experience, plastic surgeons will become better prepared to handle these complications if they manifest,” said Dr. Jejurikar. What more could a plastic surgeon do to expand his or her craft? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is simply paving the road for future plastic surgeons in this stressful field of work.

Nick Vertucci, And His Remarkable Path in Real Estate

No advice exceeds that acquired from an expert and thus the importance of getting an individual like Nick Vertucci as a source of insight. It is not worth considering any concepts originating from someone not experienced regardless of the field. The case applies particularly in the sector of real estate. It can be a great challenge when one has no certainty about their endeavors concerning real estate as the chances of failure and crumbling are high. This explains the importance of learning from those who have a detailed understanding of succeeding in the sector and are capable of training the rest to do so. Nick Vertucci remains an exemplary individual that everyone can source advice and information because his track record is proven alongside a book and an academy on real estate.

Nick Vertucci is the NV Real States founder who started from a humble beginning. The life story of Nick can be termed as having transformed from grass to grace. His family was humble as making ends meet was never a walk in the park. Things worsened when his dad passed as Nick was only ten. He transformed the situation after turning eighteen as he started owning an enterprise focused on selling computer accessories. The prolific business profession ended suddenly in the year 2000 following the crash of dot com.

As a result, he got into the financial predicament due to the accumulation of debts, and it reached the extent of him losing his own home. Eventually, enrolling into the real estate academy accelerated his investment in the enterprise of real estate that set him free from his financial constraints. Following his fruitful pursuit in the real estate investment, he inaugurated Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy often referred to as NVREA.

Every idea has an origin, and the same case applies to Nick. 2004 refers to the year that he joined the sector as a student concerning Real Estate training. After his acquirement of some investment skills, he started to invest and started making gradual achievements. Within ten years, his financial situation changed and he began to flourish. He established a turnkey system aimed at making ventures alongside the rentals connected to single families. The efforts went on, and he never gave up.

In the year 2014, he had accomplished several things that he intended to do to change his financial situation concerning financial freedom. He made up his mind about taking his well-outlined strategies of investment of the majority. This led to the launch of NVREA whose objective covers the creation of the most excellent training on real estate in an exemplary way. The same continues as the quality has never been compromised.

How he spends his days is dynamic as he does not like being in a comfort zone. California is the place where his corporate office is based, and he often walks the various departments connected to the corporate offices. The revenue generating areas remains his focus in his endeavors, and he maintains his concentration on the driver engines of the business.

Sandy Chin Has A Heart For Those In Need And Is Eager To Help Them

Sandy Chin noticed something going on at her son’s school that she wasn’t happy about, and she helped change it. The thing that she didn’t like was that children didn’t have books to read during their time off school during the summer. She realized that many of the children attending the school did not come from wealthy families and did not own any books of their own. And, because of that, their reading slacked off during the summer, and some of the kids even fell back a grade when it came to reading. There was a library open for them to use, but not every student was able to go to it, and she wanted each kid to have books of their own to encourage their reading skills.


So, Sandy Chin decided to put together a book drive. Chin made that happen with the help of a few other volunteers, and, together, they were able to make it into a success and received plenty of books to give to each of the kids in the kindergarten class. The overwhelming response to the book drive even allowed them to give students from the other classes at the school books to take home for the summer. And, because of their efforts, those kids were able to read all summer long instead of falling behind like they had in years past.


Sandy Chin runs a hedge fund company. She is dedicated to succeeding at any project she takes on and is a hard worker. She has loved reading since she was a child, and she has a heart for those in need. Sandy Chin is a great businesswoman because she knows how to be professional in the work that she takes on, and she never gives up until she gets the results that she wants.





Igor Cornelsen: A Household Name in the Investment Industry

Igor Cornelsen has made a name for himself in the financial sector and has made himself as a well respected and well revered individual in the investment sector. Igor Cornelsen was originally an engineering graduate but due to the competitive market – then he made the decision to move into the investment sector where his mathematical and arithmetic skills are well utilized.

Igor Cornelsen usually starts his standard day very early in the morning in Sao Paulo – right when the markets open in Europe. Igor Cornelsen always makes sure that he is updated and aware of the market behavior and the international news on the economy. Igor Cornelsen also takes his time where he adapts the portfolio and the distribution of the funds of his company accordingly. Later in Igor Cornelsen’s day he spends it in meeting with his other colleagues and he consults with his friends to find out different views and opinions on the matters in the market.

Igor Cornelsen always keeps an eye out for the behavior of the market and the economy and so Igor Cornelsen always finds ways to improve his asset investments and Igor particularly watches out for political problems and economic issues so that he can adjust his strategies accordingly.

Igor Cornelsen essentially saves time and effort when getting his information on news on the market and the economy directly from Reuters and he does not waste time in checking other sources of information because he believes that Reuters is a very credible source. As per Igor Cornelsen, Reuters serves no bias and always serves and releases very reliable information.

Igor Cornelsen does not apply a single, uniform strategy in his job, but he adjusts every strategy accordingly depending on what the job requires. Igor Cornelsen just grows his business depending on the market and he adapts accordingly.Find out more about Igor Cornelsen:


Robert Deignan is the co-founder at ATS Digital Services. Deignan is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. ATS Digital Services Company was founded in 2011. Robert has also served as the executive vice president at IS3. This company that was initiated in the year 2002 and was terminated in the year 2011. Robert has a degree in Business Management. He attained his Bachelors from the University of Purdue.


There has been a rise in the automation in the world. This is due to the advancement in the technology. This advancement has a lot of effects on most industries. Technology experts like Robert Deignan are doing their research on the advancing automation. They are venturing into predicting the effects the automation will have on the economy. The automation and technology have created a lot of anxiety to many people. Robert is coming with the good news that will assist the workers who are affected by the advancing technology.


Robert Deignan advice workers on ways that one can adapt quickly to the automation. The first thing is to embrace technology. Through accepting it one will be able to orient themselves and understand how the technology works. Through fighting the technology one will remain ragged behind and they cannot change the advancing technology. The workers should also minimize their anxiety concerning their loss of job due to advancement in technology. There is no way a machine can fully take over a humans work. Based on research it might take 120 years for the machine to take over 50 percent of the work done by human things. This should make the workers lead a stress-free life and aim towards understanding the functionality of the machines.


Robert Deignan says that the jobs that will require complete automation are very minimal. In spite of the automation, there are those people who will choose physical human interaction to machines. Other jobs for example therapists, social workers, audiologists and many others have minimal chances of being automated. In the near future, automation will change the kind of jobs that individuals will perform. This will help the people to focus on what they are good at. It will enable humanity to be more innovative. They will perform complex jobs than the machine.

Vijay Eswaran: The Gentle Leader With a Knack for Success

Vijay Eswar is the founder and executive chairman for QI group of companies. He has succeeded as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker. Vijay is also a very successful author and has published at least six books. His main philosophy is that people should be able to rise to their level best in order to support humanity.

Dr. Vijay has also had the pleasure of serving as a Chairman for the university council for Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. Some of his awards and honors include the Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership at 18th Malaysian Education Summit and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship (2016).

Forbes Asia listed Dr. Eswaran in the Asian list of heroes and philanthropists. He was also awarded the lifetime achievement award for his philanthropic efforts in the third Chinese World Economic Forum. Some of the philanthropic work he does includes working with international and local organizations that focus on community development, women welfare and providing education for children with special needs.

Apart from being a successful businessman, Vijay is a sought out motivational speaker who has even taken up stages like the world economic forum. He is respected for the many publications he has and even has his work featured on global business magazines.

Most people respect Vijay Eswaran since he made an effort from being a cab driver into owning a successful business. His latest publication, Two minutes from the abyss has received much praise from the business community. His books have been embraced widely in the business world since he shares most of his knowledge on how to start and run a successful business.

Part of the legacies of Vijay Eswaran includes RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations. These organizations main aim is to promote empowerment of women, community development and to support kids with special needs.