Lori Senecal’s Career Life

The Global CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal, holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (BCom), Finance and Marketing from McGill University. She began her career life in August 2007 as President at MacCann NY. He then joined Kirshenbaum Senecal and Partners as Chief Executive Officer and President. She also served as Kirshenbaum Senecal and Partners’s chair. Lori Senecal then worked as Chief Executive Officer and president of MDC Partners Network before she became the CP+B’s Global Chief Executive Officer in March 2015.

Senecal gained fame when she served as the MDC Partners’ CEO and President. MDC Partners Network is a marketing and advertising agency headquartered in New York City. The company has a partnership model structure and acquired its agency’s majority stake. Lori was mandated to oversee over 50 partner firms worldwide. Her incredible input resulted in development of new marketing strategies. Being resourceful and creative regardless of the degree of challenge, she enabled the firm to expand and generate revenue. Check out GCReport to see more.

When CP+B was awarded by Infinity $450 million, Lori got promoted by its management to be the Global CEO. However, she maintained her role in MDC’s board. At CP+B, she manages its coordination and oversees the global expansion of its 8 international offices. She is also responsible for promoting the company’s advertising and marketing strategies alongside developing a new system for its success. Visit Ideamensch for more details.

All these her service in these companies, Lori Senecal brilliantly brought to life all initiatives that guaranteed success. Her leadership success is pegged on her wisdom and thirst for quality. Her experience in marketing further enabled her deliver beyond expectation. Her work ethic enabled her to bridge time zones with ease. Lori is remembered for the numerous awards and achievements she obtained. She has been recommended by her staff and clients as a diligent and industrious leader with vast leadership experience. You can check out YouTube to view more videos.