Robert Deignan is the co-founder at ATS Digital Services. Deignan is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. ATS Digital Services Company was founded in 2011. Robert has also served as the executive vice president at IS3. This company that was initiated in the year 2002 and was terminated in the year 2011. Robert has a degree in Business Management. He attained his Bachelors from the University of Purdue.


There has been a rise in the automation in the world. This is due to the advancement in the technology. This advancement has a lot of effects on most industries. Technology experts like Robert Deignan are doing their research on the advancing automation. They are venturing into predicting the effects the automation will have on the economy. The automation and technology have created a lot of anxiety to many people. Robert is coming with the good news that will assist the workers who are affected by the advancing technology.


Robert Deignan advice workers on ways that one can adapt quickly to the automation. The first thing is to embrace technology. Through accepting it one will be able to orient themselves and understand how the technology works. Through fighting the technology one will remain ragged behind and they cannot change the advancing technology. The workers should also minimize their anxiety concerning their loss of job due to advancement in technology. There is no way a machine can fully take over a humans work. Based on research it might take 120 years for the machine to take over 50 percent of the work done by human things. This should make the workers lead a stress-free life and aim towards understanding the functionality of the machines.


Robert Deignan says that the jobs that will require complete automation are very minimal. In spite of the automation, there are those people who will choose physical human interaction to machines. Other jobs for example therapists, social workers, audiologists and many others have minimal chances of being automated. In the near future, automation will change the kind of jobs that individuals will perform. This will help the people to focus on what they are good at. It will enable humanity to be more innovative. They will perform complex jobs than the machine.

With NV, Jeunesse Global deliver whole new level of youth and beauty

Jeunesse Global has quickly established itself as one of the premier health and beauty brands in the world today. The company was founded in 2009 by two of the most legendary entrepreneurs in the direct-selling business. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, while not household names, had built many of the most prosperous companies in the direct-selling industry, making enough money that they could never spend it in multiple lifetimes. But even with all their prior success, Jeunesse Global ranks as the couple’s greatest achievement.

Ray and Lewis started the company as a way to pass the time during an abortive attempt at retirement. But the couple also had another reason for wanting to start a health and beauty company with global reach. They wanted to help spread the same kinds of genuine economic opportunities to those across the globe that Ray and Lewis themselves had enjoyed by the simple accident of having been born in the richest country in the history of the world. This vision of spreading real opportunity to those in distant lands, especially to places that have been historically disadvantaged, continues to be reflected in each product that Jeunesse Global sells and each dollar that it pays in compensation to its global network of more than 10,000 distributors. Today, Jeunesse Global ranks as one of the best money-making opportunities in the direct-selling business. And the company has helped thousands of disadvantaged people permanently leave poverty and give their families real economic prosperity.

But the whole operation is built upon the high demand for Jeunesse Global’s great products. One example of the kind of highly novel and effective products that the company has developed it its foundation and bronzer. Called NV, the foundation is among the most advanced in the world. It allows users to choose from nine different skin shades, enabling users to use the product to achieve their precise desired skin tone.

At the same time, NV contains APT-200, an anti-aging formula so powerful that it has been proven to wipe up to a decade off the apparent age of users.

Southridge Capital and Its Success as The Product of Impressive Dedication From Its CEO Stephen Hicks

It is important for any business to always be valuable to its clients. Always be relevant: that’s the statement often being shared by experts to those who are still starting their business. Always be helpful in providing value to people and other companies. This is exactly what’s making the services and programs offered by the financial solutions company Southridge still relevant, even after undergoing years of challenges in the finance sector.



One of the more insightful and reliable references of any information about Southridge Capital would be the one published in Release Fact. For starters, the article reminded people that Southridge Capital’s variety of innovative financial strategies are both helpful to their clients’ needs as well as impressively diverse in applications. The solutions cover all bases, including solutions for executing financial plans, helping clients educate about the challenges every growing company faces and the difficulties of making a company public. Individualized techniques that respond to unique financial situations are also a set of programs that Southridge Capital has been able to successfully offer to its high net worth clients. Check out their website




A good strategy that stands out today from Southridge Capital is debt elimination. Southridge talked and collaborated directly to their clients, asked them about the unique nature of their debt situation and generated the unique fiscal solutions from there. Southridge also uses their Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) and Balance Sheet Optimization strategies to bring remedy to the fiscal challenges of their clients. Other products provided by Southridge today also include loans against common stock, convertible preferred stock and debentures that are open to any conversion. For more details visit




The interview of Southridge Capital CEO Stephen M. Hicks at Ideamensch also adds that since he founded the company in 1996, the company has already grown to be a relevant financial player in the global market. This kind of achievement may only be successful because of the solid educational foundation of Mr. Hicks; he got his BS in Business Administration at the King’s College, New York. It may also be because he went to Fordham University, New York for his MBA that he got such solid credentials today.



OSI Industries- history and growth

OSI Industries is the biggest food processing company in the world. Its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois and was established in 1909. The founder of the firm was Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in Chicago. In the beginning, it was a butcher shop, but it gradually developed over the years until now when it is a multinational business with a presence in 17 countries and has 65 plants all over the world. Before being called OSI Group, the company was called Otto & Sons after the founder and his two sons who were managing it. OSI Industries added a managing partner in 1975 known as Sheldon Lavin who is still with the company to date as the chief operating officer.

OSI Industries started growing rapidly around mid-century after it signed an agreement with the McDonalds to supply beef hamburgers. McDonald’s had just been launched in Illinois at the time. Soon, McDonald’s was expanding fast and moving its business to many locations across the United States. There was pressure on OSI company to deliver to the McDonalds and that when they decided to set up the first production plant that would purposely deal with supply to the McDonalds.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Industries in 1975 after he was brought in from the banking industry where he was an executive. OSI Group was in need of expanding its business international as McDonald’s has already gone international. There was a need to have a professional who could help in financing and general management of the firm and that how he landed in the company. His main achievement to date with OSI Industries is that he took the company from having a single client to now that it’s leading in the world in food production. Sheldon Lavin has ensured that the dream of taking the company’s products worldwide as the founders would have wished. OSI Group is now ranked among the largest 100 private businesses in the world.

In recent years, OSI Foods has been expanding its services to various locations, especially in Europe. From 2016. OSI Company have acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company which supplies food products in 14 countries. It also acquired Flagship Europe which they later renamed Creative Foods Europe. OSI Food solutions also expanded the food plant in Toledo, Spain to increase production of chicken products. There is an increase in demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain for the last one decade, and the expansion plan is expected to meet the anticipated high demand.


Gregory Aziz And His Celebrated Career At National Steel Car

Four years after the end of the tragic Second World War, a baby boy named Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30 in 1949 in Ontario London. He was like any other child and neither him, his parents nor his community had any clue that he would one day become a world business leader.


However, Gregory James Aziz’s prowess started showing quite early because at a tender age, Greg showed a knack for business and it comes as no surprise that he majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. Prior to that Aziz had attended Ridley College. His teachers and schoolmates tipped him for future success. They described him as an ambitious go-getter who showed an aptitude and appetite for business at a tender age.


Their prophecy would come to pass, as Greg Aziz would later in 1994 purchase National Steel Car and steer the company to international standards over the course of his career. In all of Aziz’s contributions to the railway world, bringing back National Steel Car to winning ways is the mother of all his accomplishments. The North American Railway sector to date rides on his magnificent performance at the company.


Journey To The Railroad industry


Gregory J Aziz is a man of many hats. After his graduation, he spent more than ten years in their family food business. During his time there, the company experienced colossal growth to import and supply food all over the globe. He also had short stints as an investment banker in New York. It was while working in the world of finance that Greg would spot a marvelous investment opportunity. Read This Article for additional information.


This was National Steel Car Company which at the time was slowly drowning and fading off after it had been muzzled by the 1930 economic depression. Though Greg only purchased the company in 1994, the Canadian manufacturing giant was a shell of its former self and had failed to recover from the adverse effects of the economic depression.




Aziz purchased the company from their Canadian owner, DOFASCO with one goal; to facilitate the company back to its former glory and dominate the railroad freight car manufacturing industry. His sharp economic mind rooted for his success in the turnaround of the company and production doubled. Naturally, James Aziz had an eye for business and this would come in handy at the height of his efforts to rejuvenate National Steel Company. He did this by injecting human labor and capital into the company. This translated to increased production and in just five years the company would produce twice as many units as compared to the last few decades.


More about Greg James Aziz


Greg James legendary abilities do not stop at business. He is a big-hearted family man who is married to an elegant lady called Irene and together they support philanthropic activities in and around Canada. Greg and his wife are the primary sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair; a high-profile agriculture expo which is the only one of its kind in Canada.