Dr. Saad Saad; the Legacy of an Accomplished Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad is an influential figure in healthcare, in particular, the pediatric department. His journey from a poor Palestinian refugee to a successful pediatric surgeon is proof that any dream can be achieved with persistence, hard work and determination.


He was born in Palestine in the late 1940’s. At a young age, Saad and his family were forcefully relocated from their home to the West Bank. They later moved to Kuwait where Saad spent most of his childhood.


What inspired the young Saad?


His career was inspired from an unusual circumstance. While at a construction site, Saad suffered a heat stroke that made him realize he wasn’t wired for outdoor labor. He discovered that the only place in the entire country, at the time, that had air conditioning was the operating room. His desire to work comfortably and his father’s advice to pursue high education inspired him to become a pediatric surgeon.


His medical career


Dr. Saad graduated with honors in medicine at Cairo University. He then enrolled for an internship program in England before relocating to United States of America where he became board certified for pediatric surgery. This opened an opportunity for him to work as a private surgeon for a South Arabian royal family. During his stay at King Specialist Hospital, doctor Saad successfully operated on a young child with aneurysm condition. During his career, he developed new procedures that minimized pain for his patients. An example is the elimination of a second incision that minimized cases of complications.


His Innovations


Besides developing new and improved procedures, Dr Saad has made two major inventions.


The first is an advanced endoscope which has a suction-irrigation device attached to it. The device sucks liquids produced by the body and clears fog on the lens. This has helped in saving time previously used in removing the endoscope to clear the view and suck the fluids.


His second invention is a catheter with an electromagnetic location device. The hand held device is run over the patient’s body and lights up when placed perpendicular to the catheter’s electromagnetic tip.


His drive and passion has helped improve the lives of thousands of children. Learn more: https://health.usnews.com/doctors/saad-saad-966528