Heather Parry: Producing Successful Media Outlets and Programming for Individuals

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Heather Parry

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the Chainsmokers, two DJs who perform as one act. The duo formed in late 2012 when both men were looking to move toward DJing as a full-time career. Pall and Taggart both worked in different museums and had a mutual friend in current band manager Adam Alpert. Alpert knew each of them wanted to step their game up and thought they’d make a good team. He introduced the two and they hit if off quickly, forming the Chainsmokers. After both men quit their jobs at their museums, Taggart moved from Maine to New York, where Pall already lived. They began rehearsing full-time and after more than a year of perfecting their style and synergy made their live debut at Terminal 5 in New York, opening for Timeflies in September of 2014. Shortly after they began releasing prerecorded music.

As the Chainsmokers, Pall and Taggart like to push the boundaries of traditional dance/electronic music. In addition to their DJ duties, Pall and Taggart both sing on some of their songs. This performance is abnormal for their genre. In addition to singing duties, they have also begun incorporating live instruments into their shows. They especially do this while singing on stage in front of an audience.

Other ways they push the boundaries is by putting more substance in their lyrics than many in the dance/electronic genre. Often vocals are limited to hooks if they are present at all, whereas Pall and Taggart often write about their current emotional state and the events of their lives at the time of the writing of the song.

They also have their own model for distributing their music. While they regularly release EPs and full-length albums, many of their songs are released as free singles through their website. This has the dual effect of keeping them in the public eye on a regular basis as well as giving them an outlet for some of their more experimental songs.

Pall and Taggart also enjoy splicing other genres into their music, taking another step outside of traditional dance/electronic music.