Education And Home Ownership Are Important

It can be exceptionally difficult for low-income families to become homeowners as it’s almost impossible for many of them to find a company willing to give them a mortgage. Because of this, organizations like Dallas Neighborhood Homes are working hard to extend financing opportunities to these hard-working families who want to purchase their own home instead of renting or living with others. NexBank has partnered with the organization and offered to provide $50 million for mortgages for these families. Dallas Neighborhood Homes works closely with Habitat For Humanity in Dallas as well to give these families the opportunities to purchase their own homes in the area. For the next 5 years, NexBank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes are hoping to give 100 loans each to these low-income families.

The Dallas area has one of the lowest rates of home ownership throughout the United Staes and the Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations for Habitat for Humanity in Dallas, Mark Tribuna, hopes to change this through their efforts working with NexBank. By allowing these families to own their own homes through access to mortgages through NexBank, people will be able to have a better quality of life with increased stability. The Executive VP and COO of NexBank, Matt Siekielski, is proud to be able to partner with these organizations due to their astounding track record of success with helping people in the Southern Dallas region and the greater region of Northern Texas.

Along with their passion for helping families finally be able to become homeowners, they are also helping others get the college education that they are seeking to help guarantee a better financial future. In order to help their clients looking to save up for their children’s education, NexBank acquired a provider of 529 college education savings programs, College Savings Banks. This company is headquartered out of New Jersey and has been in operation since 1987. This opportunity was a unique one for NexBank who believes that it will help their company grow both in the short and long-term in a responsible manner. Both companies will see the benefits of this transaction.