Eva Moskowitz: The Woman Behind One Of The Largest Chain Of Charter Schools In The Country

Eva Moskowitz is one of the more notable figures in the New York School District. She is the founder of the Success Academy of Schools, which is one of the largest chains of charter schools. Eva Moskowitz has always been extremely passionate about education and decided to open up the schools after realizing a need in the city and its surrounding areas. People who come to New York come for the best of everything, but those who come with children often face numerous problems because there aren’t that many good schools in the area. Seeing this, Eva Moskowitz decided to open up her first charter school in 2006, which was the Harlem Success Academy. After the immediate success of the school and the brilliant response it received, she decided to go on and open up more schools in New York. Today, the Success Academy of Schools has over forty schools in the city, with thousands of students attending them.


Eva Moskowitz doesn’t only limit her educational aspirations to children, but to adults as well. Recently, she put together a list of reading lessons for adults, to interest them in literature. The program was made available free of cost to over fifteen thousand educators and people who were interested in it. Eva Moskowitz sees this as a way to include both the adults and the children in literature to get them more interested in it hopefully. To Eva Moskowitz, this was a way in which she could improve the overall quality of education that children receive. To take the program even further, Eva Moskowitz decided to open up her private space where educators can come and partake in lessons to help them improve the quality of education that the children in their schools receive. With the program, Eva Moskowitz aims to help teachers understand really what it is that they need to be teaching kids in schools, and also to help them know how they should be going about their lessons.


One of many positive aspects of the program that is being put out by the Success Academy of Schools is the fact that it has an online-based platform. Putting the program online gave way to educators from all around the country, giving them the opportunities to increase the scope of their teaching and be better educators.


Eva Moskowitz has been an active supporter of the Charter School Movement, which gave private owners the power to set up their schools. She believes that education is the way to the country’s development, and that can only be reached if the quality of education that children in schools receive is increased, and according to their, private schools can do that a lot better than public schools.


Eva Moskowitz has big plans for the future of the Success Academy of Schools. At this point, she plans to open up, even more, schools in hopefully other parts of the country as well. Her goal is to reach over a hundred schools by 2024.