Article Title: Steve Ritchie Is Building A Brand New Papa John’s Company

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Papa John’s may be overcoming recent criticisms and turning around sales in a big way with a new member coming to their executive board. That new member is former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, a man who has already gotten involved in other business opportunities since retiring from basketball and gotten involved in branding. Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s has been happy to welcome O’Neal to the board and believes he will “Shaqify the menu” in the way he will provide input and potentially rebrand the company. O’Neal said he wanted to come to the company because he called it fun to be in the pizza business. Papa John’s and other business in news outlets see this move as really adding diversity to the corporate management of the company, and O’Neal will be getting a salary of $8.25 million for three years.

What makes Papa John’s a unique pizza place? Instead of having pre-made artificial ingredients, their pizzas are true hand tossed and fresh ingredient pizzas that are designed to appeal to customers with different tastes who want fine quality in pizza. Steve Ritchie has been a part of this organization for many years and has understood very well what kind of culture should be implemented all the way from the local stores to the corporate boards. Ritchie himself started as just a regular customer service representative at a local store who took orders and had them delivered while only making minimum wage. He had a passion for doing the job right and he went from being a salesperson to being a local franchise manager.

Steve Ritchie not only successfully ran a local store, but in 2010 he started going into corporate operations and became chief operating officer in 2014. A decision was made in 2018 to make Ritchie CEO amidst a decline in sales, but thus far he has started implementing some changes to the company mission that have started turning things around. Along with bringing Shaquille O’Neal to the executive board, Ritchie has also led other business deals that include a $200 million investment from Starboard that has given the company new working capital.

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