OSI Industries- history and growth

OSI Industries is the biggest food processing company in the world. Its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois and was established in 1909. The founder of the firm was Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in Chicago. In the beginning, it was a butcher shop, but it gradually developed over the years until now when it is a multinational business with a presence in 17 countries and has 65 plants all over the world. Before being called OSI Group, the company was called Otto & Sons after the founder and his two sons who were managing it. OSI Industries added a managing partner in 1975 known as Sheldon Lavin who is still with the company to date as the chief operating officer.

OSI Industries started growing rapidly around mid-century after it signed an agreement with the McDonalds to supply beef hamburgers. McDonald’s had just been launched in Illinois at the time. Soon, McDonald’s was expanding fast and moving its business to many locations across the United States. There was pressure on OSI company to deliver to the McDonalds and that when they decided to set up the first production plant that would purposely deal with supply to the McDonalds.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Industries in 1975 after he was brought in from the banking industry where he was an executive. OSI Group was in need of expanding its business international as McDonald’s has already gone international. There was a need to have a professional who could help in financing and general management of the firm and that how he landed in the company. His main achievement to date with OSI Industries is that he took the company from having a single client to now that it’s leading in the world in food production. Sheldon Lavin has ensured that the dream of taking the company’s products worldwide as the founders would have wished. OSI Group is now ranked among the largest 100 private businesses in the world.

In recent years, OSI Foods has been expanding its services to various locations, especially in Europe. From 2016. OSI Company have acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company which supplies food products in 14 countries. It also acquired Flagship Europe which they later renamed Creative Foods Europe. OSI Food solutions also expanded the food plant in Toledo, Spain to increase production of chicken products. There is an increase in demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain for the last one decade, and the expansion plan is expected to meet the anticipated high demand.