Richard Mishaan’s Well-Deserved Praise For His Interior Design Perception

Richard Mishaan is a famous interior designer majorly based in New York but with clients from other parts of the States and sometimes across the seas. He has a broad knowledge in architecture, fashion, interior arts, and his own cultural roots which he applies extensively to his works. One editor in chief, Pamela Fiori of Town & County, describes Richard as sort of a guru in his field.


Richard was born in Colombia and remembers his childhood to be vibrant and colorful. His preteen years shaped his entire perception on aesthetics and ultimately became the foundation for his passions in life. Richard’s earliest tenures include working for Phillip Johnson as an intern, immediately after earning his bachelors in Arts from New York University. He enrolled into Columbia University afterwards and pursued a degree in architecture. Richard’s perception of interior design is intimate and very intuitive. He states that rich textures, a thematic tone and layering are the undertones for every projects he undertakes.


One of Richard’s most personal remaking is his home in Cartagena where he enjoys spending time with his family. The home initially had a 16th century feel which he maintained while adding an urban atmosphere. Richard introduced styles from mixed cultures such as the walls which are of a Spanish Zaguan, a ceiling of dark wood and ebony and the centuries old Brazilian wood in the living room.


Richard grew up in a world of color and eccentricity in Columbia’s Caribbean coast. His hometown, Cartagena, has 16th-century establishments and splashes of well-married yellows, oranges, and reds. When he visited the town a few years back, an old building in the district caught his eye. He decided to purchase and refurbish the home for his family. He also worked on the courtyard to maximize the sunlight’s intensity and lighten the environment with a few light palm trees.