Doe Deere Has Ways to Help Those Who Need Fun Makeup

Doe Deere’s style is similar to her personality. It’s bold, fun and always unique. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to do everything she can to ensure she dresses and feels confident with her clothes and makeup. Everything Doe Deere does goes back to the hard work she puts into her outfits and that makes it easier for her to try different things. As long as Doe Deere knows how she can help people with the things she does, she feels good about the options she has available. There are so many different things that help Doe Deere make sure she’s offering the right things for people.


Despite the fun outfits and the unconventional hair colors, Doe Deere is a CEO. She is a boss and she knows what people want to hear with the makeup line. Because she knows how to do customer service the right way, she feels good about herself and about everything there is in the Lime Crime brand. It’s her job to always show people what they can get and how they can make things better on their own. She also tries showing them the right way to do things no matter how hard they work to find different colors with other brands.


By always starting her day in a positive way, Doe Deere makes sure she understands how things are going to work in the future. It’s her goal to make sure people see what they can do and see there are things Doe Deere offers that nobody else does. Doe Deere makes a point of letting people know they can get more from everything she has to offer. She also tries marketing her stuff in a way that allows her to reach more people. It’s her goal in business to always have what everyone is looking for. She likes her makeup and wants other people to like her makeup. Learn more:


Lime Crime has different offerings than other makeup companies. In fact, they have different offerings from nearly any company in the market. Not only does Doe Deere strive to create makeup in bold colors that nobody else has, she also makes it in a way that’s focused on quality. Before Lime Crime started, the only bold-colored makeup people could get was from toxic sources. It came from China and other places that didn’t focus on quality ingredients. The makeup that had similar colors to Doe Deere’s makeup was terrible for the skin.


Part of everything Doe Deere does involves color. She likes showing people new and fun color combinations. Doe Deere doesn’t really worry about whether things clash or match. She knows which colors she likes and always tries putting them together. Her goal is feeling good in her own skin. She chooses her clothes and her makeup so it makes her feel good. As long as Doe Deere knows how she can feel better about herself, she’ll continue making makeup that helps her and others who buy it feel good about their looks.

Eva Moskowitz Continues Raising The Bar In Public Education

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO of the favored Success Academy Charter Schools, which she founded in 2006. Starting her own school system proved that she is more than just an advocate for education reform. Success Academy Charter Schools is now the largest charter-school network in New York City. This shows that she has what it takes to rise above a struggling education system.


Eva Moskowitz is helping children beat the odds. She believes in the value of educating any child. Whether a child is considered violent, has special needs or is from the worst neighborhood in New York City, she does not shy away. She does not see low income and ethnic background as acceptable excuses for failure.


Eva Moskowitz was raised in a family of educators. She has made it her life’s work to help poor children rise above the poverty they are born into. She believes in strong discipline. Her policies keep students and staff safe, and accountable for bad behavior. Her values have nurtured the success of her charter program.


Success Academy schools are bright, clean and orderly. Students wear a standard uniform, and are given a heavy load of daily homework. All students, even the younger grades, at Success Academy schools can expect math drills, writing assignment and frequent tests.


Eva Moskowitz does not have to defend her expectations. The results of strong rules, a clean safe environment and hard work show in the numbers. The Success Academy network continues to accomplish having some of the highest achieving schools in New York State. Their elementary school program is considered one of the most proficient in New York City. And students of Success Academy schools perform beyond just academics, having competed in national level chess tournaments. There is no doubt that these students are getting a greater education.


In 2017, Success Academy won the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. This award comes with a $250,000 prize, and is given to a charter network that proves outstanding academic outcomes. This win shows once again that Eva Moskowitz knows the value of educating all children, and that she has the winning formula to make that happen.